Sunday, July 1, 2018

1900 The Fourth In Delmar

Lots of people involved in the fourth celebration, my attention however is turned toward the two infants that died.  The son of William Harvey Cordrey (1865-1924) and Leonora Cordrey (1869-1941) was James O Cordrey born 1899.  He had as siblings Elizabeth (1886-), Edna May (1888-1974), Clarissa Pearl (1890- ), Glenn w (1894), Marion H (1902-1953) and Howard (1904-1976) most of the family is buried in st stephens Cemetery.

Mr. Raddish's daughter was Pauline F. born 1899.  Mr Raddish was Ernest Washington Reddish (1873-1942) his wife was Mary Ethel  (1877-1949) Pauline's siblings were; Hilda (1898-), Paul E. (1907-1946), Luke A (1909-1937) and Maurice C. (1915-957)

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