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Charles B. Hutchison, Jr Postal Inspector

above from the Salisbury Times 12 July 1927

Charles B. Hutchinson, Jr (1900-1930) was the son of Charles and Rosa Parker Hutchison.  He was born in 1900 and had worked as a mail clerk in the mail car on the train between Philadelphia to Cape Charles.  By 1927 he had passed his civil service test and qualified for the political appointment by being under age 40 and having nine years postal experience.  

In 1923 he married Agnes Lloyd (1902-1974), who was the daughter of James Edward and Hester Anne Wiley Lloyd of Blades, Delaware.  At that time she was a teacher.   James Lloyd besides being a fruit broker was or had been a state representative, Recorder of Deed in Sussex County and a Republican District Committeeman.  He had enough political clout to get the position for his son-in-law. 

The job of postal inspector requires moving and over the next three years Charles and Agnes would live in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.  In February of 1930 the local newspaper would announce the sudden death of Charles and his family and in-laws were rushing to New Bern, North Carolina to help with arrangements and to comfort Agnes.  It was never announced in the local newspapers but Charles' North Carolina Death certificate shows he had committed suicide by Potassium Cyanide poisoning.  We may never know why he committed suicide.  He is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Seaford, Delaware.  Charles and Agnes did not have children.

Agnes would move to Wilmington and run a beauty shop.  She would not remarry until 1958 when she married William J. Merchant in Wilmington.  He would die in 1964.  She next married Harry Freeland Blades.  Harry was a waterman born in Seaford but fished mostly off Bowers Beach.  They would live in Pots Net.  He would die in 1970.  She would die in 1974.  She is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery Seaford, Delaware in the James Lloyd plot with her relatives.  

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