Thursday, November 15, 2018

1940 Count Basie

1940 Advertisement for Count Basie at the Comedy Club in Salisbury Maryland.  The Comedy Club operated in the 1940s.   The owner James "Slim" Richard Marshall died in 1959.  He was from Tennessee, a World War One Veteran, He worked briefly as a laborer for the Erie railroad in Erie New York, a band leader of Smiley Billy Stewart Band, Leader of the Slim Marshall Orchestra (They had a spot on WBOC Radio in 1941), with his wife, Nellie, he was owner of the Blue Moon Restaurant and Night Club, manager and owner of the Maryland Clippers who played in the American Negro Baseball league,  and active in a large number of Negro organizations in Salisbury.

He played In Delmar at the Coliseum

His Night Club, The Blue Moon ,was over top Polan's 5 and Dime store and in 1958  it had a fire and after that he pretty well shut down.

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