Friday, November 16, 2018

The Barri Jay Dress Shop

above 1951

The Barri-Jay Dress Shop was run by Carrie Green (1917-1994).  Carrie was originally a Calloway, daughter of Benjamin and Sallie Gravenor Calloway.  She would marry Elton Woodrow Harrington (1912-1983) first and then Julius (Jay) Gilbert Green, a railroad worker who was killed  when he fell under a railcar in Hurlock, Md in 1949.  Her third husband was Frank Barry Sample (1917-1997).  The shop was named after her two sons; Barry Wood Harrington and Jay Gilbert Green.

The dress shop seem to go out of business around 1954, Carrie Sample would work as a manager at Deckers retiring in 1979. 

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