Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wilcher Park

Wilcher Park is east of Holloway Town and North of the Elementary school.  It is located in Delmar Maryland.  The development is located on the 200/300 block of Popular Street and Spruce Street and most of it is outside of Delmar, Maryland town limits.  The original 1958 Plat called for 28 houses. Wilcher is a combination of the son and daughter names of the developer J. William Gordy.  Most of the homes are the “rancher” style from the 1960’s  and in fact most were built in the 1960’s.  As was the thing for developments of that era there are not sidewalks in the development, with the exception of those lots bordering Second Street which are in the town limits.  The rest of the lots are out of the town limits with the exception of four lots that are split between being part in town and part out of town.   The development was owned by J. William Gordy Fuel Co and was developed by J. William Gordy.  The lot sizes are generally about a quarter acre (85 ft by 140 ft) .  Due to the lot size Wicomico County would not allow them to drill a well and have a sewage system on the each lot.  There was an agreement signed that the town of Delmar would provide sewage to the lot owner when they built on their lot and the owner of the lot would provide a well of their own.  

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