Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Guinea Hen Pot Pie

Guinea Hen Pot Pie is an old Eastern Shore dish.  It may even be viewed as a Mid-Atlantic regional dish, as I have seen it advertised in Pennsylvania.  It heritage is in our British and African roots, although I am sure every country had a version of the dish. 

As can be seen from this 1949 English Grill ad Guinea hen pot pie was advertised above Filet Mignon.

Guineas are native to Africa and were carried to Europe in the 15th century.  Guineas are not chickens.  Certainly every farm on Delmarva had a flock of Guinea Hens for insect control.  The gray speckled bird roamed the farm in flocks and chest to chest they scour out beetles, locusts, potato beetles, spiders, ticks, ants, roaches, flies, grubs, snails, cutworms, snakes etc.  They are nature’s insect control. They usually free roam and nest in trees and bushes.  They talk and they talk a lot.  Also unlike chickens they can fly.  They are great watch dogs.

Growing up on Delmarva these birds are always called Guineas or Guinea hens.  I see on the Politically Correct internet they are now referred to a guinea fowl, apparently today even a Guinea hen is gender neutral. 

Now there should be a recipe here, but since I appear to be disorganized and can’t find my vintage Delmarva cookbooks you will have to go to the internet, actually any chicken pot pie recipe will do. 

1923 Chicago ad

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