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Sunday Dinner at Bus's Restaurant 1953

Bus's Restaurant was located just north of the Overhead Bridge on Rt13 in Salisbury Maryland.  It was only open a couple of years from 1953 to 1956.  It was run by David "Bus" Elisha Tingle (1924-1994).  Bus Tingle was the son of David Garland Tingle  and Janette "Nettie" Vaughn Driscoll.  Garland Tingle was from the Melson, Maryland area. 

As this photo from the Salisbury Times 1954 shows Bus and mentions how Bus got his nickname when his grandfather first saw him and said he was going to be as big as a Bus.

Bus enjoyed sports and in 1937 was batboy for the Salisbury Indian Wonder baseball team.  He fell to sleep in front of the dugout one day and the manager fired him.  He continued to play and enjoy various sports through out his life.

The restaurant was opposite the Sandman Motel (today I Think it is an Economy Inn) just as you exit off the overhead railroad crossing bridge.  The above photograph is part of the Walter Thurston collection from the Nabb Research Center Salisbury University. 

After serving in the Navy in WW2, in 1947 Bus married Emma Elizabeth Hitchens, daughter of James Edward and Anne Blanche Webster Hitchens. 

After the restaurant was sold Bus went to work for the White Coffee Pot Restaurants in the Baltimore Maryland area.  The chain of restaurants eventually exceed thirty and Bus became vice President of the chain. 

Emma and Bus adopted a girl, Terry Lee, who was blind.  Because of this they became active in various blind handicap related activities in the Baltimore area.  Terry would begin to professionally sing at the age of 12 and would move to Nashville to record country music.  She was the opening act for a number of well know country singers of the 1980s.  She would marry Thomas E Kowski. 

1954 ad from telephone directory

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