Saturday, July 18, 2020

Williams family

On Parson's cemetery facebook page is a writeup about the Williams family re-interment from a Delmar cemetery to Parsons  see below

The Eternal Suit
The Williams family farmed the land near Delmar Maryland for generations. As members passed, they were buried in their family plot. Eventually, the mighty forces of what some call progress overcame the ragged resistance of history and made that land more valuable than the memories it held. The family, not wanting to lose all touch with their heritage, chose to reinter their loved ones at Parsons Cemetery. This choice created a mystery not solved to this day. Most of the departed were not buried in the elaborate caskets and vaults of today's world. The wooden boxes in which they were placed had deteriorated, as had the remains of most leaving only a scattered collection of bones. Except for John. John’s skeleton was found intact and his best suit in which he was dressed, unscathed by the ravages of time. All the individual grave markers were moved to Parsons, but the family decided it was appropriate to lay John in a vault and surround him with the bones of his relatives to not be disturbed again.
Why did John’s suit not deteriorate as the others had? Did this indestructible covering also preserve his bones or did he know what the future would hold and know that to keep his family together he too would have to remain whole, in his eternal suit.
When you visit this area in the rear of the cemetery, look at the sizes of the markers and read the inscriptions. The small markers are those of children, but even the larger ones include people who died in their 20’s. This plot is a microcosm showing how advances in civilization have improved the quality of life and the very expectancy of how long we will live. A history that we should not overlook.

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