Saturday, December 11, 2010

The DHAS Holiday House Tour - 2010

I declare the Delmar Historical and Arts Society Holiday House tour a success. A big thanks to the gracious homeowners who opened their house to visitors this year. Also, a big thanks to Faith Krebs and Denise Cugler who organized the event.

I cannot gave a fair review of the home tour as I was a greeter in the Joy Fothergill's house and did not take the tour. Joy’s house is well decorated bungalow built in the 1920’s by the Workman family. The homes in Delmar rarely go beyond the early 1900’s due to the fires the town have had.

Those houses on tour were; The Steve Liller house, The Sue Reszutek house, The Bob and Bobby Hettinger house,The Dorene and Keith Davis House, The Sharon Levodnik house, and the Audrey Serman House (out in the Shadow Hills development). The Del-Mar-Va Model Railroad Club, the Delmar Library, the Delmar Wesleyan Church the Masonic Lodge and St. Stephens Church were open for the tour. Cookies and Hot Chocolate was served at the Masonic Lodge. Jerry Carr displayed part of his enormous Delmar Memorabilia.

This was the First House Tour the the Delmar Historical and Arts Society has put on. Hopefully they will continue annually and it will become a quintessential holiday tradition.

Now since this was the first house tour we know there are many areas for the society to improve in future house tours. We would like your comments and you can post them here or send an email to

Hopefully we will see you next year on the tour.