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Crew of First Passenger Train from Delmar to Cape Charles 1886

In the Ticket Office of the Parksley Virginia Eastern Shore Railroad Museum is this picture of the crew of the first passenger train from Delmar to Cape Charles.

All of the crew lived in Delmar at the time.  The center man seated I can't make out his name so I don't  have any details of him.

Dan Parker is the youngest, at 17.  He was born in 1869 and he would die in a train accident in 1906.  His wife was Annie.
from the morning news 11 April 1906

E. J. Melson was Elijah John Melson (1856-1931) his wife was Amelia Ann Elliott
above from the News Journal 28 August 1931

W. C. "Bill" Truitt;  William C. Truitt (1853-1916) was the husband of Laura Alice Parker.  In the 1870 census he was 17 and already working for the railroad.  He was the father of Wicomico County Sheriff Charles H Truitt.
above News Journal 10 Jan 1916

G. M Barr is George McCormick Barr (1860-1917), perhaps the person with the most newspaper coverage of the group.  He was married to Carrie E. Chappell.  Both were born in Pennsylvania and lived there until just two years before the passenger service run.
above from the Morning News 24 May 1917

In 1890 George Barr accused his wife Carrie of having an affair with Dr Robert Ellegood of Delmar.  The newspapers picked it up and for several weeks ran updates on the fight between the three of them.  Eventually everything went back to normal and the couple continued to live together until his death.  Below is a taste of the articles of the time.

above from the Evening Journal 30 Jan 1890

Carrie would live until 1955 below is a picture of her in 1954
above from the Salisbury Times 20 Jul 1954

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