Thursday, October 11, 2018

Helen May Hastings

above from The Day Book Chicago June 25 1914

This story made the newspapers across the nation. 

Helen was the daughter of Gardner Latel Hastings (1872-1953) and Clara Ellen Turpin Hastings (1872-1963).  Gardner was a lumber dealer in Delmar at the time (1914) they lived on East street but would eventually live at 407 Lincoln Ave.  Besides Helen they had for children; Glen Turpin Hastings (1893-1959), Marion Latel Hastings (1899-1985) and Paul Luther Hastings (1901-1923).

Helen for a brief period would become a child healer as the below clippings show
above the Morning news 16 July 1914
 above the News Journal March 6 1914  of note her brother Paul would die in 1923 of typhoid fever.

Helen would marry Frank Wilmer Baker have several children and after Franks death marry Bascom A. Belcher

above News Journal 28 Sept 1989

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