Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jack and Addie Mae Snowden 1911

above from the The County Record Kingstree S.C. February 23 1911

As it says in 1911 David (Jack) Jackson Snowden originally from Kingstree, South Carolina married Addie Mae Hurtt originally born in Wilmington and they lived in Delmar.  They would live on Elizabeth Street with her parents; Albert Spenser Hurtt (1859-1934) and Lovely Lee Smoot Hurtt (1863-1961).  Jack (1884-1947) and Addie (1888-1983) would have one daughter; Margaret Lee Snowden (1914-2002) who would marry Thomas Laird Nelson.  Margaret would be a teacher in the Delmar High School.

In 1942 David Snowden was the engineer on a freight train that went through Delmar heading south.  Carl Jackson Hearn (1880-1942), ex-magistrate in Delmar(1928-1932) and ex railroad worker, was walking across the track at State street and was struck by the train, killing him and was dragged 15 feet over into the Maryland side of town.   It was thought he was killed instantly on the Delaware side of town but since the Maryland side of town had the body he received a Maryland death certificate. This is not put in as humor but to assist anyone who may be researching Carl Hearn and is looking for a death certificate. It is a frequently occurring family tree research problem as people may have lived their life in Delmar Delaware but become sick and are hauled to the Hospital in Salisbury where they are pronounced dead and a Maryland death certificate is issue.  A similar thing occurs on births. 

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