Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delmar Delaware Incorporation Map of 1899

We, Benjamin F. Barker, Joseph J. Ellis and Jackson L. Ellis, Commissioners named in the act of the General Assembly of the State of Delaware, Incorporating the Town of Delmar in Sussex County of the State Of Delaware passed at Dover February 28th 1899 after having been duly qualified by taking the oath of office prescribed by said act and having called to our assistance Samuel E. Foskey, a surveyor, who was likewise qualified did in the month of May and June in the year 1899 proved to survey said town and established it's limits, streets, alleys, lanes, and sidewalks, and in do herely certify that this is a correct plot or map of said town.

Witness our hand this 7th day of July A.D. 1899

B. F. Barker, Commissioner
J. J. Ellis, Commissioner
J. L. Ellis, Commissioner
Samuel E Foskey, Surveyor

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