Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Draft Dodger Poem - 1943

Poem from the State Register - Oct 14, 1943 from "contributed".

We are writing a short letter
And every word is true
Don't look away "Draft Dodger",
For it is addressed to you.

You feel at ease and in no danger.
Back in your old home town
You cook up your pitiful story
So the draft board will turn you down.

You never think of the real men,
Who leave their homes day by day,
You just think of those girl friends
That you can get while they are away,

What do you think Draft Dodgers?
That this free nation would do
If all men were slackers
And scared to fight like you?

We guess that is all, Mr. Slacker,
Your face should be awful red,
America is no place for your kind,
And we mean every word we say --
Keep away from our girl friends,
For we are coming back some day.

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