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1908 Delmar Fire

1908 Delmar Fire

From the Wicomico News May 7th, 1908 - Delmar News

Our citizens were thoroughly alarmed Wednesday afternoon by the ringing of the Church Bells and blowing of engine whistles. Upon investigation it was found that fire had broken out in the barn of W. S. Parker and had rapidly spread to the adjoining barn of Rev. E. P. Perry. Soon a large crowd of men, women, and children were upon the scene and began fighting to prevent the fire spreading to the residences adjoining. Bucket brigades were formed, men clambered upon the house tops, and buckets upon buckets of water were poured upon the smoking roofs of the M. P. Parsonage, the home of W. D. Nelson, those nearest the fire, and several others. Luckily the wind was blowing very little and by the superhuman efforts of the men the fire was confined to the outbuildings.

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