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Delmar News Feb 28 1905

Delmar News The Courier Salisbury, Maryland Feb 28 1905

A banquet was given by the Masonic Lodge in their temple Friday evening which was attended by the wives and sweethearts of the members.  Eatables of all kinds were in abundance and all had a delightful time. 
Mr. Norman L. Hayman who was injured in the railroad yard sometime ago, resumed duty this week.
Mrs. W. E. Penuell, who has been dangerously ill for the past two weeks, is greatly improved. 

A large store building, built of concrete blocks similar to those used in the construction of the First National Bank, will be erected by Mr. Veasey in front of the Bank of Delmar.

Miss Bertie Hearn, who is attending school here, visited her parents near Seaford this week. 
It has been suggested the salary of the preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church be raised from $800 to $1,000.

Considerable mud-slinging has occurred between some of the residents of Delmar through the columns of the Laurel State Register.  It was all caused by a desire to extend the town corporate limits on the Delaware side.  Naturally those who had land that was in the proposed extension objected strenuously and this resulted in considerable hard feelings. All this, however, was not justifiable in provoking the attack on “Fair Play” by the writer of the article signing himself “Clique”.  It was a discussion of public interest and not one of personality, but “Clique” overlooked this in a desire to assail the personal reputation of “Fair Play.”  He lowered himself to adopt a mere school-boy trick of his younger days .  A man’s self respect should prevent him from adopting such language as “clique” used, but self respect did not evidently out any figure in the instance.  “L” hit the nail on the head and said the least about it.  

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