Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The 1890 Living Survivers Civil war Census

In 1890 a special Civil War Veterans and Widows Schedule was created, and enumerators asked whether a person had been a Union or Confederate soldier, sailor, or marine during the Civil War, or was a widow of such a person. I went thru and listed the below people, in the Wicomico County Part of the Census, who had a Delmar address.

Campbell, Charles H., Private, 9th Delaware infantry
White, James G., Private, 1st Delaware Infantry
West, Jacob, Private
Smith, John W., Colored
Parsons, Wm J., Private, 3rd Maryland Infantry
Melson,, Thomas I. S., Corporal, 9th Delaware Infantry
Downs, Joseph, Private, 1st Delaware Infantry
Bishop, Peter W., Private, Maryland Art. Colored Exempted
Parsons, Nathaniel, Private, 9th Maryland Infantry Colored
Wailes, Sandy W., Private, 19th Maryland
Truitt, Benjamin T., Private, 1st Maryland
Freeny, William, Private, 9th Maryland
Wilkins, James, Private, 2nd Maryland
Furey, John, Corporal, 7th reg. of cav.
Vincent, Peter W., Private, 1st Delaware
Melson, Thos Asbury, Sargent, 1st delaware
Bensing, Wm, Private, 58th Massachett
Farlow, Benjamin W., Private, 1st Del Inf.
Mitchell, George, Private, 19th Reg. C Vol.
Dashiell, George, Private, 9th Maryland

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