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Homestead Dairy Farms

Homestead Dairy Farms was started by William Humphreys Jackson (1839-1915) one of the wealthiest men in Wicomico County at the time from what was called "the Rider farm.".  After his death in 1915 it passed on to his son, William Purnell. Jackson (1868-1939).  The Dairy farm was also sometimes referred to as Byrd's Homestead Dairy Farms.  The Rider Farm was owned by the wife (Annie Rider Jackson) of Elihu Emory Jackson, an early merchant in Delmar MD. William H. and Elihu E. were brothers.
Above William H. Jackson
In 1908 they had two delivery wagons and 80 Guernsey and Jersey cows
The farm is located at 27798 Nanticoke Road.  Not only was it a dairy farm but a wide range of other animals were raised on the farm as it was a working farm.  In addition various crops were planted and sold.

Barns on the farm

1918 ad
Other dairies in the area at the time; were City Dairy (Koontz), Fairview Dairy, Hillside Dairy, Purity Creamery and Woodlawn Dairy.

1923 ad  Homestead Dairy farms employed a number of men for both the dairy and the farm.  They were given lodging and board.   My uncle, Charles Bayly , worked on the farm in the early 1940s.  while working there he made friends with Charle K. Shirey  who came from Hartford County to work on the farm.   He would marry my Aunt Ethel G. Bayly.

1921 ad H. S. Lowe takes over the Delmar Milk Route
Harry L. Van Horn

Wm. H. Jackson, Stanford Culver, Dank Melson, George Williams,

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