Monday, June 27, 2016

Some Deed Plots from the 1920s

Minnie Ellen Hastings Melson, with her sisters, inherited the land of their father Levin Hastings.  They owned a large part of Delmar in the Bi-state Blvd, Grove Str, Jewell St out to 8th street area of Delmar and in the 1920s sold it off in lots.  Below are a few plots that were included with the deed registration.  It was in the 1920s that Hastings street became Delaware Ave and Mill St became Lincoln.  Also Third street became better known as State Highway  (Bi-State)

You can now use your Delaware Library Card to log in to the Delaware page on By using your card you can have free access ONLY to the records Ancestry has digitized for the Delaware Public Archives. These records include births up to 1908, marriages up to 1933, deaths up to 1933, and naturalizations from 1796-1850. Now available: land records from 1677-1947, and will books from 1683-1947.

At present look in in the top center block " Delaware Public resources on"

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