Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Great American Tea Company

In the 1950s my mother (above) worked for the Great American Tea Company out of Salisbury Maryland. It was part of the A & P Company but did door to door sales. When A & P started (in the 1800s) it was mainly a mail order and door to door sales, As it got larger and had stores it kept it door to door sales operation, My mother would drive the Willys panel truck around on her route going house to house selling coffee, tea and an assortment of grocery items. This was in the time when housewives stayed home to raise the kids so there was usually someone home to sell to and a great array of salesmen were out there with fish, meat, produce, clothing, books, magazines, etc etc . The Great American tea company sort of ceased business about 1963 along with many other door to door companies. It is still referenced mainly in obituaries where it mentions so and so worked as a salesperson for the Great American tea company.

 above typical ad run by the company

a 1930 sales vehicle

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