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William Winfield Lowe

above Salisbury Times Feb 23, 1929

William Winfield Lowe (1860-1929) was the son of Selby M. Lowe and Leah Elander McAllister of Delmar.  He was a carpenter.  He married in 1883 Amelia Catherine “Kate” Gordy (1866-1938) daughter of John Gordy and Julia Ann Hastings.  They lived on East street Delmar Md., in the 700 block.  They had for children; Leah Annie  Lowe (1885-1963) who would marry James Dailey (spelled many ways Daly, Daley, Daily etc),  Selby Lowe ( 1892-before 1900), Nettie C Lowe ( 1892-1932) who would marry George M Dutton, and Mary Edith Lowe ( 1895-1992) who would marry Ralph F Williams and later in 1941 Floyd C. Samis.

above Amelia and William Lowe

6 June 1938 Salisbury Times

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