Thursday, April 30, 2020

St Stephen's Parsonage

Well the title is a bit misleading as it is no longer the parsonage.  St Stephens church sold  the 102 East State street property in 2014 to a private individual.

The building was built about 1917.  There was a prior parsonage on the property and it was sold and removed.  In classic Delmar fashion the church is located in Delaware and the parsonage is in Maryland.

It was built for about $6,000 under the leadership of Reverend Frank Nelson Faulkner (1868-1931) and paid for by the members of the church. Rev. Faulkner, his wife Cora Wix Faulkner (1874-1958) and son James  were the first resident of the house.  Realtors describe it today as 3296 sq ft 4 bd 2 bath.  It has had a couple owners since the church sold it.


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