Saturday, October 3, 2020

Swat The Fly


Sept 24th 1908 The Wilmington Evening Journal

Back in the early 1900s Delmar was not a nice place, open drainage ditches, livestock in the backyards, outhouses, horse crap in the street and added to that was a perpetual cloud of smog from the coal fired and wood fired steam engines. It is no surprise that there were often Typhoid outbreaks. Typhoid was contracted by drinking contaminated water or contaminated food which caused a bacterial infection resulting in high fever, diarrhea and vomiting.  One transmitter of this was the common housefly.  

1908 quote

And so in the 1900s the war on flies raged on

Frequently there were contest of who could kill the most flies.  the dead flies were gathered and put in a bottle and some local business would pay for the bottle of flies.  A nickel for a pint of flies was a common price.

1917 Wilmington Morning news

One of the most frequent ads on the internet is from Cole pharmacy in Mansfield PA


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