Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Davis and Bryan Club


In 1924 John W. Davis, Former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, was the Democratic Party candidate for President.  His running mate for Vice-president was Charles W. Bryan, Governor of Nebraska.  Davis was running against the Republican Party’s Calvin Coolidge and Charles Dawes.  Delmar Delaware was strongly Democratic.    It was also when people didn’t sit in their homes playing with the TV or computers. They displayed their interest in the Presidential campaign by going to Rallies and club meetings.  Delmar was the first or at least one of the first towns in Delaware to form a Davis and Bryan Club.  They had officers in the club, and there was a five-dollar fee to join the club.  They pledged to use all honorable means to elect Davis and Bryan.  Of the Davis and Bryan clubs in Delaware, Delmar had the most members. Obviously, it was a short-lived club as the elections were in November, and Calvin Coolidge was elected 30th president of the United States.

Besides the Davis and Bryan Clubs, there were other ways of spreading the word about them.  One way was the soda fountains came up with a Davis and Bryan soda drink.  The formula was to put one-half an ounce of grape juice into a glass and one-half ounce of lime juice.  Fill the glass with ginger ale and serve with plenty of fine ice.  The drink sold for 20 cents.

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