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Russell and Lala Walls


MR, AND MRS. WALLS RESIGN Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walls have resigned their positions here and have gone to Delmar, Delaware where they have opened a tea room. Mrs. Walls was matron of Lincoln for several years. Mr. Walls was Manager of the employees Club until he was forced to give up the position because of illness. He was employed in the Adult group at the time of his resignation. We are sending along our best wishes for success in their new work.

3 July 1936  Letchworth Village News New York


Russell Robert Walls (1908-19940 was the son of Vincent Harrington Walls and Nellie Hitchens.  Vincent Walls was a well-known Railroadman who started with the railroad in Georgetown and was transferred to Delmar.  Vincent and his family lived about a mile west of Delmar.  He was well known for many things, but in 1929 he shot a chicken theft named George Henry Price (1903-1946).  The shot destroyed Mr. Price’s leg, and it had to be amputated.   Mr. Price was the son of John D. Price and Virginia Price.  George Price had been arrested in1927for stealing chickens from Mrs. Polly A. Culver and Mr. Gardner L. Hastings. He was fined $500 and sent to the Sussex jail.

Even with his leg amputated, he continued to steal chickens, and in 1930 he was again arrested for stealing chickens from Mr. Hughey Pippins of near Delmar. He was given 18 months in Jail.  Mr. Price continued to live in Delmar.  He worked as kitchen help in various restaurants.  In 1946 his home on East street would catch fire, and he would die in the fire. 

above Russell Walls, Nellie Hitchens Walls and her son-in-law Charles King

Back to Russell Walls, Russell graduated from Delmar, Maryland High School in 1927 at the Elcora theater in Delmar. He would find work in New Jersey and, in 1928, would marry Miss Lala Lee  Messick (1905 -1984) of Allen, Maryland.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Messick.

above Lala Walls

Russell and Lala worked in large hospitals aimed toward the mentally and physically handicapped.  They would reside on-site at these facilities.  They worked at the Letchworth Village in New York, The Pilgrim State Hospital on Long Island (when it was built was the largest in the world at 10,000 beds,)  and the Philadelphia State Hospital (Byberry).

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