Sunday, July 18, 2010

Delmar Elevated Water Storage Tank

The 1913 Water Plant Building as it stands today.

While doing research at the Nabb Research Center in Salisbury I came across a small report done on the old 1913 Elevated Water Storage tank in Delmar. The report is titled "Historic Structure Report Elevated Water Storage Tank in Delmar, Delaware" by Edward Heite of Heite Consulting. The old water standpipe that stood next to the water plant building was a bit of an eyesore and we decided to tear it down. Altho it was not nearly as bad as the downtown section of Delmar. The State of Delaware (Delaware State Historic Preservation Office) decided it was a potentially significant historic structure and before we could tear it down we had to pay for a report on the structure. The report at the Nabb Center was the outcome of the paid study. I assume somewhere the town has a copy. It is an interesting report that has a little information about the water system in Delmar when it was installed and a lot of filler information. The top part of the Storage tank we retained and it was to be stored at the waste water treatment plant, until some future date when it might be incorporated into a town museum.

The current building left standing is a nice looking building with a good color scheme. I think it is currently used as offices for the public works department.

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