Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society News

From the Tasley Eastern Shore News

ONANCOCK -- The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, which was formed in 1957, has experienced some very interesting turns of events over the years. Now, as it approaches its sixth decade of existence, the society will host several concerts --free and open to the public -- in honor of one of its founding members, Amine Kellam.

Funded entirely by private donors, The Amine Kellam Music Series will be an opportunity to pay tribute to one of our Shore's most generous and honorable citizens and one of the Historical Society's most influential presences.

Though many great accomplishments on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and throughout the state can be attributed to Kellam due to her tireless efforts toward improving the environment, her contributions to the Historical Society during its formative years are significant.

As a founder, a member, a board president and now as an honorary member, her leadership, energy, generosity and persistence have left an indelible mark on this cultural institution. It is no doubt that her devotion to the society served as the catalyst for its growth and success. Kellam loved music and often hosted concerts at Ker Place when the society was just forming. This music series was created in her honor for all the work she has done.

The Amine Kellam Concert Series will kick off on Saturday at Ker Place with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra performing as well as setting up an instrument petting zoo for all members of the community. The next concert is April 1 with famed jazz talent Jae Sinnett of Norfolk playing with his ensemble. More concerts are planned and will be announced as their dates draw near.

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