Monday, February 21, 2011

How Squirrels Came To Delmar

In 1940, the Delmar Lions Club purchased six squirrels from Virginia and set them free in what was then called the "Delmar Park" (today's State Street Park). The Mayor of Delmar Delaware, Leroy Lockerman, had signs made notifying motorists on Grove and State Street to be careful in driving to avoid killing the squirrels. The squirrels were productive and today we have them everywhere.

The Lions Club purchased "Delmar Park" plus additional land in 1941 to be used as a park for the citizens of Delmar. In 1947 they deeded the park over to both towns. The park was part of the Elihu Hastings land and had never been built upon. It had been used as a park since the town inception in 1859. When the Lions Club purchased the land it was owned by Mrs Minnie Melson, who was a descendent of Elihu Hastings.

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