Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What Is It?

An easy one for some people, this is a Beer Foam Scraper or sometime called a beer foam comb.  When the barkeep would pour draft beer a head of foam would be produced on top of the beer.  He or she would use a beer foam scraper (looks like a tongue depressor) to swipe across the top of the glass, leveling it off or beheading and return to filling your glass with beer so you got a fairly full glass of beer, not foam.

Usually a beer company supplied item as it had the logo of the beer company on it, it was also one of the most unsanitary items in the bar as it was rarely washed and usually put in a Beer Scraper caddy which had nothing for drainage of the beer collected on the scraper.

Like many things what was a utility item is now collectible and they go for a $30 a piece.

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