Tuesday, January 29, 2019

1996 Cereal Box

Carlisle Cereal Co. produces Hometown Stars cereal. The company's motto is, "You shouldn't have to be Michael Jordan to have your picture on a cereal box."
Founder Chuck Fleming started the company in 1993 in his basement and now sells novelty Hometown Stars cereal boxes to high schools in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.
The company, based in Bismarck, N.D., handles the design of the box using photos and art supplied by the sponsoring organization.
Interested in placing an order? In the year 2000 The minimum order for 18-ounce boxes of cereal was 144 boxes. The price per box to the grocery store is $5.94 with a 50-cent rebate sent to the sponsoring group.
Charles Fleming, a prominent Democrat in North Dakota, died July 13 at age 70 in 2016
These hometown stars cereal boxes tend to sell for a high price. 

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