Friday, January 4, 2019

Daniel Webster Shaw Jr

above 1957, Daniel Webster Shaw Jr was a railroad worker (Signal and communications) and from 1954 to 1958 was Mayor of Pocomoke City, Maryland.  He was one of many mayors who worked for the railroad or had worked for the railroad.  He was the son of D W Shaw and Louise Hearn Shaw and was born in Deals Island.  His mother, Louise, was the sister of Joseph Masden Hearn master barber of Delmar.

In 1911 he married Agnes Annie Parks.  They had no children.  He was active in a number of organizations in Pocomoke.    He would retire from the railroad in 1960 with 43 years and two months service.   His brother Frank Shaw was the owner of Clarkes drug store in Pocomoke.   He would die in February of 1964 

above 1961

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