Saturday, August 17, 2019

Patsy Elliott

Some photo were posted recently of the Delmar Stockcar raceway They were from the Nabb Research Center of Salisbury University the Harry Baker photos.  Included in the group of photographs were pictures of Patsy Elliott.

Patsy Elliott was the daughter of Frank and Libby Elliott from Delmar.  They had moved to Salisbury in the 1940s with their daughters.  At the age of five Patsy took dance lessons from Billy Tryall (A Salisbury dance instructor) and was very successful at it while she was in High School.  After graduating high school in 1953 she went to New York City and became a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall.  She developed a comedy dance routine she performed in night clubs in New York,  Eventually she was signed to the Gary Moore Show.

At last word Patsy was alive and well and living in a retirement community in Virginia Beach. 

Patsy Elliot Cartwheeling, 1950


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