Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Spoerer

One of the regional automobile manufacturers from Baltimore Maryland

In 1890 Carl Spoerer opened a carriage, wagon, and truck works at 400-402 South Fremont Avenue in southwest Baltimore City, eventually bringing his sons Charles and Jacob into the business. When he died in 1899, Charles and Jacob changed the name of the business to Carl Spoerer's Sons Company and began to transition the company from a carriage-making business to a motor vehicle manufacturer. The sons expanded the factory in 1904, using their father's former home at 404 South Fremont Avenue to build an annex onto the old building at 400-402 Fremont Avenue. They also added the repair and sale of rubber tires to the business, slowly turning their father’s carriage-making business into a business building motor vehicles. Then, in 1907, they purchased property and built a new, larger factory at 901-909 South Carey Street (corner of Carey and Herkimer Streets). About this time they also took on a new partner, John F. Reus, although the name of the firm remained unchanged. During the years 1907 to 1914, the company produced several types of motor vehicles: a roadster, a five-passenger touring car or convertible (tonneau), a seven-passenger touring car or convertible, a town car, a landaulet, a limousine, and trucks including Spoerer-built fire equipment. Carl Spoerer's Sons Company eventually gave up building motor vehicles and concentrated on providing accessories such as tires for motor vehicles. The company went out of business in 1934.

1911 Spoerer roadster 

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