Thursday, October 31, 2019

1949 Delmar Halloween

2,000 in Delmar Join Halloween Fun

DELMAR, Del., Nov. 2 (Special). More than 2,000 people took part in Delmar's second Halloween celebration Monday night. There were many onlookers but most were in costume or accompanying little people in costume. The affair was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce which served refreshments to more than 1,000.

Harry Ward was master of ceremonies and Mrs. Kenneth Langraf, Marion B. Sherwood, and Ray Wilkinson, Sr., were parade judges. Prizes were awarded to Dickie and Tommie Jones for the most unique costumes; Mrs. Mildred Cordrey and Albert Phillips as best couple; to Carolyn Orelle as prettiest little girl; to Jimmy Smith as best dressed little boy; to Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Glunt as oldest couple in masquerade, and to Dickie Moore, Jr., the youngest; to Mrs. Fannie Allen as best dressed woman; to Virginia Cooper as best dressed girl; to Mrs. Madelyn Mears and H. S. Crowley as best comics, and to George Walker as best impersonator.

Long after the awards were made, the crowd remained for a street dance. Railroad Avenue was roped off from State Street to Grove Street.

Above from the Wilmington News Journal 02 Nov 1949

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