Monday, October 28, 2019

1969 Phillip W Mitchell

In the February 13th 1969 edition of The State Register and The B-State Weekly was this photograph of Staff Sergent Phillip Wayne Mitchell on board a C-141 Starlifter.  The C-141 was a cargo plane and Sergent Mitchell was a loadmaster, a very important position in the crew which would usually consist of two pilots, two flight engineers, one navigator and the loadmaster.  The loadmaster supervised the loading and did the calculations for the placement of equipment being transported in the plane.  An example of a C141 is at the Air Mobility Museum in Dover Delaware.

Phillip "Mitch"  Mitchell was born December 1, 1942 in Philadelphia to Pearline Marie "Poe" Giles and Raymond Kenney Mitchell.  He was raised by his father's sisters Inez Smiley and Rebecca  Mitchell who lived west of Delmar.  His father would also return to live in the Delmar area.  On his fathers side his grandparents were the Reverend Joshua J. Mitchell and Amelia Kenney Mitchell.  On his mothers side his grandparents were Standis Giles and Mattie Gaines Giles.

He would marry Judy Carol Hickman from Goldsboro North Carolina in 1962.   He would remain in the Air Force for twenty years and after retiring would become a correctional officer in New jersey.  he would remarry to Adeline Paulina Banks.  He would retire to Florida where in 2015 he would die. 

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