Monday, January 20, 2020

Bethel Church and the Maryland Delaware Railroad

 I went to Bethel Church today, it is north of Reliance and is the meeting place for the Davis Noble Kinder family reunion.  The reunion is held every five years and 2020 (Sept 5) is the year for it again.  This reunion hase been held since the 1880s.

It is unique because the church is in Delaware and the attached cemetery is in Maryland.

Almost as unique is I finally saw a train traveling on the Maryland Delaware railroad (MDDE) tracks from Hurlock to Seaford.

After my errand at the church I picked up the train on the waterfront in Seaford.

 Back in it's hayday under a different name, a number of people worked on the line as engineers, fireman and brakeman.

They have a nice website it is at

It was switching out some cars when I left it.

below the MDDE service map

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