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Delmar May 11th 1912

DELMAR, May 10. Clarence Lowden of Delmar, is playing shortstop on the Bethlehem Preparatory School baseball team, at Bethlehem, Pa. George Long, another Delmar boy, is playing on the Goldey College team at Wilmington, and William Baldwin is playing with the Princeton team. Delmar promises to have some good baseball players in the near future.

 An effort is being made to rejuvenate the board of trade. For several months the board has been Inactive. There is plenty of work for the board to do in Delmar at this time. Industries are ripe to locate here, they will do so if the board gets on the job and holds out proper inducements.

The prospect Is good for an enormous lima bean crop in Delmar. Thousands of poles raised in the air all over town indicate that there has been a large planting.

C. W. Baker, the canning man, has almost obtained the required acreage of tomatoes for his Delmar plant. He wanted four hundred tons at $9 per ton.

Arthur O. German, formerly of this town has been elected secretary and treasurer of the Hurlock, Md., Land and Development Company.

The Delmar Real Estate Company has made extensive improvements to their property on Jewel street this week. The thirty-five building lots have been cleaned up, the streets ploughed and dragged with a split-log drag, and trees set out on the property.

The F. G. Elliott Company to-day gave out a contract for the erection of an automobile garage 20 by 70 feet, single story, to be erected on a lot at the corner of Grove and First streets

Miss Flossie Lowe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Lowe of Delmar, was married on, Wednesday evening to Norman Hastings of Laurel, by the Rev. George C. Williams, of Centenary M. E. church. Laurel. They will reside at Greensboro, Md., where the groom is employed by the P. R. R., as an operator.

Above from The Wilmington Morning News May 11th 1912 Saturday

Of Note: William Henry Baldin (1890-1958) mentioned above was the son of John Frank Baldwin  and Mary Ann Green Baldwin.  J Frank Baldwin was a long time railroad employee who worked up and down the Delaware Line.  In 1910 he was yard master in Delmar.  His wife and family had moved down from Wilmington after the death of their daughter Nellie.  His son William and other son John Frank were already in their 20s and attending college (in Williams case Princeton).  William played on the Delmar ball team.     

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