Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sunday Dinner At Austin"s Restaurant

above from 1932 State Register
Eva Lane Lankford Austin (1889-1970) was the daughter of Zachary and Hester Lankford of Dorchester County Maryland.  She would marry John Edward Austin (1882-1951) from Madela Springs who was the son of John Benjamin Austin.  He worked for the railroad as a brakeman then as a conductor.  They lived in Crisfield and then he was transferred to Delmar about 1920.  Eva opened her restaurant about 1928 in the old hotel known as the Whayland Building.  By 1940 he had been transferred again, this time to Camden, Delaware.  The Austin's had one daughter Esther Beatrice Austin who would marry in 1927 Whitney T. Michael. 

"Struck by a Pennsylvania Railroad train early today as it emerged from the tunnel under North avenue bridge, John E. Austin, 58-year-old trainman, is in a serious condition at the St. Joseph's Hospital, According to police, Austin, who lives at Delmar, Del., had been flagging another train, and had just stepped on to the northbound tracks when the train, from Washington, struck him. At the hospital, he was said to have a lacerated scalp, and possibly a broken back."
Above from The Evening Sun Baltimore MD March 1 1935

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