Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Rowdy Delmar People In Laurel - 1940

From The State Register - November 8, 1940

Four arrests for traffic violations prevented a fist-fight from materializing Saturday night. Following an altercation between two young men on the street here, it was decided to go out of town and stage a fight between the two. Four carloads of young men, who were rushed to the scene of the proposed fight, were picked up by Town (Laurel) Officer Harry R. Mitchell on charges of reckless driving. The would-be fighters returned to the scene of the arrests to see what was the matter and the arrests cooled their blood to the point that they decided not to fight at all.

The four traffic violators included Albert Joseph, James Truitt, Riley Watson, Jr., and Larry Perry, all of Delmar, were summoned to appear before Alderman Marvel Lynch Monday morning, and each was fined $5.50, all fines being paid

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