Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Chocolate Zip and the Bob Bon

above 1932 ad Salisbury Maryland Soda Fountain treats - Two sizes for the Chocolate Milk Zip

There were two soda fountain treats back when that seem to just Eastern Shore items. One was the Chocolate (or Vanilla) Zip and the other was a Bob-Bon. The last time I had a Chocolate Zip was when at L & F Sub Shop opposite the Hospital in the late 1980's(?) and you could get them there. My recollection of a Zip was it was similar to a New York egg cream (about one inch of chocolate syrup, about one inch of milk, ice, and carbonated water filling an 8 oz glass and being  stirred as it goes in so it is frothy). The late Dick Dykes, who ran a Drive In and worked at Watson Smoke House, says I am wrong. The Zip was just flavored milk with ice. You can also tell it is time dated, as in my recipe, I refer to an 8 oz glass - no one uses 8 oz glasses anyone, everyone is supersized and uses at least a 12 oz or 16 oz glass.

The Bob-Bon (Recipe again from Dick Dykes) consisted of a layer of ice, a dip of ice cream, another layer of ice and whipped creame with a cherry on top.

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  1. My memory is the same as yours, the carbonated water gave it the zip. Always got them at the drug store on the corner of pine bluff and 13