Monday, November 23, 2020

The Erie Railroad 160 ton wreck crane

The United Railroad Historical Society of NJ recently posted a photo of inside the Wreck train crane they have rebuilt.  Delmar did not have this model but it did have a wreck train unit with crane stationed here in Delmar.

 see their facebook page for videos of it in action 

From their page 

Exciting news: Our Erie Railroad 160-Ton wreck crane can now be counted among our operating artifacts in Boonton Yard! This project was a labor of love by one of our volunteer mechanics, Erik Stenzel, who has been rebuilding components in his home shop over the past year. Check out his startup and operating demo in this video.

No. 03125 was built in 1926 by Bucyrus as a steam-powered crane. In the late 50s, the Erie converted it to diesel, and it now runs on a 6-cylinder Caterpillar D327. Rather than an electric starter, it has a pony start, which is a 2-cylinder gasoline engine that warms and starts the diesel. In this video, you’ll first hear the smaller (and much louder) pony motor before seeing the exhaust from the big motor.

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