Monday, March 12, 2018

American Own Packing Co

From about 1946 to 1950 the American Own Packing Co. operated the Pickle Plant in Delmar.  At that time the plant was outside of Delmar and in 1982 the land (after the pickle plant was knocked down) was annexed into town so a new town well and water tower could be built.

It is my understanding the brine from the pickle plant (I don't know who owned it at the time it was removed) was allowed to just empty onto the ground.  After the new well and water tower was built (much money spent) it was discovered the water was of poor quality and unusable.

In 1976 a similar thing happened in Hurlock where the Harper and Bateman Pickle company allowed brine to leak from their pickling vats onto the ground and several private water wells were unusable.

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