Friday, February 22, 2019

Calloway Hardware Company 1937 and the RAF Blue Suit

above 1937 State Register Newspaper
As a young man, Walter William Calloway had worked for the railroad  and about 1926 worked for the F G Elliott Hardware Store (est 1876), in 1933 after the death of F G Elliott and the bankrucpty of the F G Elliott Hardware store, it was reorganized as the Calloway Hardware store in Delmar on Grove street.  He sold it in 1946 to L. Stanley Dashiell.  After the hardware store he opened the Delmar Variety Store which he had for another 25 years

He was a WW1 army veteran.  He married Glady Otwell Ellis in 1924 and had a daughter Lois Irene who married George Warner.  He was the son of William H and Saloma Mae Hudson Calloway. He was a Delmar civic leader abd businessman.

He was one of a number of people in the area who were William W. Calloway.

so  does that bring up the question of the "RAF blue suit."  Is it just a certain shade of blue? or is it a cut of the suit?  perhaps both as I found a number of wedding articles mentioning a RAF Blue Suit all in the 1940s.  There is this 1942 ad below which shows a RAF Blue Suit which from the cut has some military shapes to it.

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