Monday, August 23, 2010

1917 Sanitation Bits From Town Meetings

Some highlights of the Delmar, Maryland Council meeting minutes in 1917 regarding sanitation. It would not be until 1927 that Delmar had a sewage treatment plant and a sewage collection system. Until that time outhouses and septic systems were on each property in town.

Oct. 8, 1917
Motion made by W. S. Parker; 2nded by R. R. Walls that Levin Hastings be notified to take care of his waste water where Mrs. Knotts occupies his property within ten days as it is a nuisance and a menace to health.

Motion made by G. L. Long, 2nded by R. R. Walls that Mrs Knotts be notified to clean out her hog pen within ten days and keep the same in good clean condition.

Sept 6, 1917
Bailiff was instructed to put lights on East State and E. Elizabeth Streets; also to notify Hearn and Venables, S. H. Whayland to clean up premises of all rubbish also to clean out toilets on the rear of their lots. He was also instructed to notify Mrs. L. A. Truitt to have the weeds cut on her lot.

May 9, 1917
Bailiff was instructed to notify Mrs. Annie Parker to have her cesspool looked after as the odor was very annoying to the citizens near her. Moved and seconded that May 24 be the day designated as clean up day for the rubbish on the Delmar, Md. side of town.

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