Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whayland Store/ Veasey Building

Some people have asked me to do a post on the old Whayland Store. The Store was on the corner of State and Pennsylvania Avenue on the Maryland side of town. From what I can gather the building was originally built by Theodore Veasey in 1893 as a hotel. In addition to the 24 room hotel there was a popular bar located in it. The hotel was called the Veasey House. In 1903 Wicomico County decided to go dry putting a stop to the lucrative bar business. Mr. Veasey built another hotel across the street in Delaware called the Stone House. This hotel was about opposite the Bank of Delmar Drive thru window and a couple of years ago burnt and was torn down. In 1908 Sussex County went dry putting Mr. Veasey once again out of the bar business. After Mr. Veasey death the hotel in Maryland was sold to Walter W. Whayland.

Mr. Whayland changed to name to the Whayland Building and ran a grocery business out of the center part of the building. Rooms continued to be rented. Biddy Hudson ran a Pool Hall on the State Street side of the building and on the Pennsylvania Avenue side was Austin's restaurant. After Mr. Whayland death the Bank of Delmar purchased the building. In 1945 it was in bad shape and was torn down. A parking lot for the Bank of Delmar now occupies the space.

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