Saturday, August 14, 2010

1940 Transient Issues

Transients Refuse To Work On Farms

An attempt to provide employment for many of the transients who have been passing through Delmar by railroad and highway during the past few weeks has ended in a failure because the men do not want to work, according to Sergeant Miles Fitzgerald of the railroad police.

The Sergeant stated that in the last two weeks many farmers in this section have called his office requesting that he send the transients to their farms for work in the fields, as many of the men when questioned by the officers, state that they want to work in the fields and that is the reason they are riding the trains south. Although there has been no let up in the police drive to rid the trains of these transients, the officers here have informed many of those working along the right of ways of the name and address of the farmers who have made the request. So far only one transient has accepted a job out of several referred to the farmers.

Two farmers, accompanied by a local officer one night last week visited the jungle at the end of the south yard, two miles south of Delmar, to get men to work on their farms. There were over thirty around the fire at the time they arrived. When offered work they laughed and refused to work the officer stated.

After exploding their alibi when arrested that they are seeking work on farms, the officers now are more determined than ever, to stop all transient traffic on the railroad. Trainmen state that they will oftentimes have transients riding south with them and the same ones will make the trip north day after day.

The Bi-State Weekly Friday, June 7, 1940

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