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American Legion Presents Memorial Plaque - 1943

On Sunday September 12, 1943 the American Legion of Delmar presented the Town of Delmar with a memorial plaque for the 271 men and women from the Delmar area who was serving in the Armed Forces in 1943. As listed in the September 10, 1943 edition of the Bi-State Weekly these are the men and women on the memorial plaque that was available at that date, it is not the total 271 that were presented a week later. I have no idea where the memorial plaque went. Since the war would continue for another two years and more men and women from our area would have joined I assume it was considered outdated and disgarded. Roland E. Galusha had a gold star by his name as he was killed in action.

Carlton M. Adkins
Howard L. Adkins
William Lewis Adkins
William L. Atkinson
Mark M. Atkinson
Roy R. Aydelotte
James Bacon
Cecil W. Baker
Lee P. Baker
Raymond J. Baker
Warren W. Baker
Carroll S. Barr, Jr.
William K. Beach
George W. Beasley
Charles Beauchamp
Stanley J. Boyle
Charles H. Brittingham
Doris H. Brittingham
Oscar E. Brown
Harry N. Burrows
Cecil J. Burton
Willis E. Burton
Paul Bramble
Joseph N. Byrd
Samuel L. Byrd
Jack H. Calloway
Marion H. Calloway
Maurice E. Cannon
Everett T. Carey
Richard L. Carey
John P. Caulfield
James T. Caulfield
John E. Collins
Luther C. Collins
Carlton J. Conoway
Edward C. Conoway
Oliver L. Cook, Jr.
Charles H. Crowley
Clayton D. Cugler
Walter G. Cugler
William S. Cugler
Richard E. Cullen
William J. Curdy
Harry B. Cutter
Albert U. Davis
James W. Davis
Paul J. Davis
J. A. Dennis
Mitchell F. Dennis
Olin W. Dennis
Paul H. Deshields
Donald M. Dickerson
Joseph C. Dickerson
Paul L. Dickerson
John M. Disharoom
William R. Draper
George W. Duncan
James R. Dutton
Alvin A. Elliott
Alvin E. Elliott
Calvin J. Elliott
George W. Elliott
William M. Elliott
Jackson P. Ellis
Leslie E. Ellis
Paul K. Ellis
Samuel M. Ellis
William H. Ellis
James deFelice
Sewell R. Fields
Harold W. Figgs
Henry G. Fisher
William H. Fisher
William E. Fitzgerald
David J. Foskey
Guerney G. Gaines
Irving R. Gaines
Robert E. Gaines
Tennyson W. Gaines
William C. Games
Amos C. Galusha
*Roland E. Galusha
Bayard J. Gordy
George J. Gordy
Howard W. Gravenor
Charles A. Green
Oswald W. Green
Lloyd V. Hall
Eugene F. Hammond
Louis M. Hartman
Carlton J. Hastings
Clyde T. Hastings
Clifford L. Hastings
George H. Hastings
Glen T. Hastings
Howard E. Hastings
Louis M. Hastings
Odell M. Hastings
Ralph H. Hastings
Willis D. Hastings
Vaughn E. Hitchens
Robert B. Hayman
Edwin T. Hearn
James Hearn
John W. Lavater Hearn
William E. Hearn
William H. Hearn
William M. Hearn
Omon Higgins
Paul E. Hill
James R. Hitchens
M. L. Hitchens
William W. Hitchens
Alvin T. Hoffman
Joseph S. Holden
George E. Hopkins
Levin J. Horsey
Thomas W. Horsey
Elston G. Hovatter
Paul A. Howard
Thomas O. Hoxter
Marion C. Hudson
George W. Hudson, Jr.
Everett R. Hutchison
James A. Johnson
Robert P. Johnson
C. William Jones
E. G. P. Jones, Jr.
George Kerekesh
Mike Kerekesh
Peter Kerekesh
George W. Kirk
Chester R. Lake
Norman E. Layfield
William Leadbetter
Linwood C. Lecates
Robert W. Lecates
William M. Lecates
James H. Long
Joseph W. Lowe
Edward H. Lynch
William S. Marvel, III
James S. McAlister
Paul H. McAllister
Ralph C. McCain
Clarence L. McCaine
Robert McCain
Brian C. McLaughlin
John T. McLaughlin
Elsie Northam Meyer
Roland L. Mills
Walter T. Mills
Luther W. Mitchell
Milton E. Mitchell
James C. Morris
William A. Morris
William R. Morris
Benjamin H. Mitchell
John H. Martin
Charles W. W. Mitchell
William R. Neff
Robert L. Neill
William W. Neill
Charles S. Nelson
Sylvia B. Nichols
Francis E. Nunvar
George H. Oliphant
William W. Parker
Robert W. Pennewell
John W. Penuel
James A. Penuel
Earl G. Perry
Davis N. Phillips
G. Wright Phillips
Joseph H. Phillips
Luther L. Phillips
William J. Phoebus
Charles Powell
Irving Powell
Robert E. Powell
James R. Powell
Robert O. Pote
William T. Pritchett
Paul A. Pusey
Maurice C. Reddish
Fred I. Rider
Harry P. Ring
Jenn W. Roberts
Charles V. Robertson
Calvin E. Ross
George E. Ross
Henry C. Ryall
Robert H. Ryall
Frank B. Sample
John W. Sample
Kathryn E. Sample
George O. Searcey
John D. Searcey
Lewis S. Selby
Margaret C. Sherwood
Carroll Smith
Joshua J. Smith
Millard C. Smith
Oliver K. Smith
Ross M. Smith
Clarence T. Smithers
Earl L. Smullen
George W. Sparrow
Walter J. Stephens
Robert R. Stewart
Arthur R. Studley, Jr.
Norman G. Sullivan
Norris H. Sullivan
Orville H. Sullivan
Walter G. Sullivan
Joseph L. Superka
Peter Tamburino
Curtis Taylor
Howard F. Taylor
James L. Taylor
Walter E. Teets
Joseph E. Tinley, Jr.
James E. Thompson
James R. Truitt
Louis H. Truitt
Elmer R. Twilley
Levin C. Twilley
Robert J. Vincent
Wilton C. Wailes
George B. Walker
Howard T. Waller
Glen W. Ward
William T. Ward
Earl F. West
Henry P. White, Jr.
John F. Whitley, Jr.
Raymond B. Wilkinson, Jr.
Francis P. Williams
Melvin L. Williams
Howard M. Wilson
Isaac A. Wingate
Samuel B. Wright
Melford L. White

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