Sunday, April 29, 2012

Attempted Rape - 1898


From The Salisbury Advertiser Feb 26, 1898

A Negro Assaults A lady and Narrowly Escapes Lynching

The good people of Delmar were roused to a frenzy of excitement last Saturday night when it became known that a negro had attempted to violate Mrs. W. W. Carey, who lived with her husband and family a short distance from the town on the Delaware side.

Mr. Carey was in Delmar when the assault was made. Mrs. Carey was at home with no company except the children.

A voice outside calling her by name first attracted her attention, and when she opened the door to answer, she was seized by a colored man who at once attempted to rape his intended victim. Mrs. Carey little girl caught up the fire poker and begin to deal the wretch blows over the head and shoulders.

The mother called to the child to get a sharp knife, which the little defender soon found and came running to her. At the sight of the gleaming blade of steel the cowardly ravisher fled.

When Mr. Carey returned home soon after he found his wife almost prostrated from the shock she had sustained. The alarm was given and the neighbors at once sought the identification and arrest of the despoiler.

Late at night a negro whose name is Dorsey, was taken into custody. A careful examination showed him to be the guilty man, and for a time the people threaten to lynch him Good counsel finally prevailed and a hearing was held before Justice Culver.

Later Sheriff Johnson of Sussex county took the prisoner to Georgetown and lodged him in jail.

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