Sunday, April 29, 2012

The fifty hour snow storm, Feb 18, 1899


From the Salisbury Advertiser; Feb 18, 1899

DELMAR - The fifty hour snow storm, which ended Monday night, left Delmar cut off from the outside world except by telegraph. On Friday the Thermometer registered ten degrees below zero and on Wednesday the fifteenth, a zero temperature was noted in the early morning. The North-bound Norfolk and New York express which reached here early Monday Morning with thirty-six passengers, remained until Wednesday. Part of these were soldiers belonging to the hospital corp, on the way to Manila.

Work trains started North and South on Tuesday to assist in opening the way for transportation. The railroad company has given employment to extra men at good wages. The first mail since Saturday from the north arrived late Wednesday night. Horses were ridden through the street to break down the snow and a snow plow drawn through to open a path. Huge banks of snow stand along the sidewalks. School were suspended till Thursday. A number of photographic views of the scene were taken.

M. H. German, T. A. Vessey, W. B. Elliott and J.J. Ellis have been harvesting ice.

George McNeilia and Miss Florence White were married at the M. P. Parsonage, Wednesday evening by the Rev. J. L. Straughn.

The noted Railroad Evangelist, Miss Jennie Smith, has been assisting in the extra meetings at the M. E. Church.

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