Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Rev. J C Hanby


I noticed in the newspaper today the obituary of Gladys Hanby Ewald. Now I didn't know Mrs. Ewald but the name of her father I certainly recognized - Rev. Jacob Carrol Hanby. For those who do family tree research and read obituaries in the Delmar-Laurel area the name is frequently encountered. I think at times, Rev. Hanby must have officiated at every funeral in this area from around 1930 forward. He was the pastor at St. George's Church, west of Delmar.

Anyway much like the last name of Figgs, which says who every bears that name originally originated in the Delmar - Whitesville area, the name Hanby pretty much places the family origination around Wilmington - they even have a place there known as Hanby Corner.

What little I know of the family is; Jacob C. Hanby's father was Willard S. Hanby and his mother was Susan. His grandfather was Jacob K. Hanby. Rev. Hanby was born August 5, 1892 and died in April 1973 at age 81. He married Bessie McCallister on June 9th, 1915 in Wilmington. They had Doris, Gladys, Paul and Bessie as children.

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